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Our 2015 results were 22 test passes, an 85% Pass rate in line with national average, 6 'F1rst' passes, a 27% rate against national average of 9%, average time from enrolment to test 214 days against national average 445 days. Join CCAM for the best chance of enhancing your riding skill in 2016!


Chris Evans, Observer Richard Kear
Alex May, Observer Nick Goddard
Joe Logan, Observer Tim Hutt
Richard Fellows, Observer Richard Sanders


Graham Monteith, Observer Graham Owen
Graham achieved a F1rst pass
Rob Walpole, Observer Graham Bailey
Bill Dickson, Observers Tim Hutt & Nick Bevan
Chris Zielazny, Observer Ashley Calvert
Chris achieved a F1rst pass
Alan Simpson, Observer Nick Goddard
Peter Wilson, Observer Andy Downs
Eddie Mullen, Observer Rod Pritchard
Alison Pierce, Observers Ian Stavert & Rod Pritchard
Brian West, Observer Philip Caterer
Tom Carnell, Observer Kamran Irani
Tom achieved a F1rst pass
Mick Dwyer, Observer Tim Hutt
Simon Dyer, Observer Graham Owen
Mark Fisher, Observer Godfrey Mills
Rob Bunting, Observer Rod Pritchard
Jon Sheehan, Observer Rob Yates
Andrew Nicholson, Observer Godfrey Mills
Craig Kear, Observer Andy Woodward
Craig achieved a F1rst pass
Jeremy Griffiths, Observer Kamran Irani
Grenville Mitchell, Observer Tim Hutt
Lewis Cavanagh, Observer Tim Hutt
David Baker, Observer Nick Bevan
David achieved a F1rst pass
Guy Twinning, Observer Ian Stavert
Guy achieved a F1rst pass

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Are you free on a Wednesday evenings? Do you fancy meeting other bikers at fabulous english country pubs? Then give the Cotswold Bikers Nights a try.

Next weekend ride out: May 29th, a wander around south Gloucestershire - click "Next W/E Rideout" link to the left for more details. Next weekday ride out: June 14th, Vale of the White Horse - click "Next W/D Rideout" link to the left for more details. Next clubnight: Tuesday June 21th at Gupshill Manor - click "Next Clubnight" to the left for more details.

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For those of you that attended our last club night, this product will come of no surprise and need no explaining. But for everyone else...

Bike Seal is a product that slows down and reduces the dramatic effects that can occur when any motorist gets a puncture, normally at the wrong place and the wrong time - damned frustrating. It's a product that has been, over many years and with a proven track record, used in all types of tyres - yes cars and trucks as well as motorcycles. It really can make a difference to your overall safety.

So impressive was this product, and its proven history and performance, that our very own Rich Sanders (member/Observer) bit the bullet hard and invested his own money (and time) by way of bulk purchasing the product and dispensing equipment in order to bring the product to the door step of all CCAM members, and of course friends. As a mechanic with his own business/workshop here in Cheltenham, Rich is ideally qualified to provide a 'RIDE IN RIDE OUT' service. This makes for a fuss free and relaxed way for anyone interested in protecting their tyres with this system.

Ride in, ride out, job done for only £40.00 (motorcycles only) - a special for CCAM members/friends (the DIY kit costs £50.00 alone). Ask Rich about other special prices for trucks or cars.

There you have it, an absolute BARGAIN, so support your club/Rich and his investment and give him a call. He can be contacted on 07836 629827.

CCAM had a stand at the Prescott Hill Climb event on 17th April, where we attracted quite a bit of attention and some new members. There are some snaps in the gallery if you'd like to take a look.

8 of us kicked off from Longford with the morning dry, bright and looking good. Coursing a slightly 'off piste' route through the forest (well what did you expect), we eventually descended down to river level at Redbrook with everyone still intact and following...good eh!

Chasing the river on both sides, before too long Tintern railway station/tea shop and a hot cuppa/bacon butties bathed in sunshine on the lawn was soon the order of the day, even a bowl of root vegetable soup of the day was!

Moving on in good spirits, we all accepted the kind invitation of a 'good cup of tea' at Sarah's, where Tick Tock was enjoyed alongside an insight into the craft of a cobbler, before the final stretch home. All in all, a good ride out of some 100 miles in total, with great company and some fab scenery...until we do it again.


GKB leading you all astray...of course!

A great sadness and a sense of missed opportunity. Well at least it is for the rest of the membership that can only read about it! For 22 of us in attendance at last Sunday's (20th March) ride out into Wales, the official first ride into spring was undoubtedly, a great success in all aspects.

Departing from our meet point at Longford, some 35 minutes later we arrived at Kerne Bridge, the lovely home of Brian/Sally Charlton for not only a welcome hot cuppa, but also the usual warm welcome that both of them have become infamous for...they did not disappoint! Although Brian might have after he counted the bikes piling into his drive!!!

With hydration levels satisfied and Sally up front and Bri sweeping clean, we all set off through the Forest for what turned out to be a super ride out in the dry, taking in such popular routes as Usk and Skenfrith to name but a few, but not before a bap or two of the spoilt pig at the Steel Horse café.

A round trip of circa 130 miles and a return home for me about 3.30pm meant the end of yet another mini least for this weekend, and I can honestly say...I'M GLAD I DIDN'T MISS IT!!!!!

Finally a BIG THANK YOU to both Bri/Sally for a fab route, and of course the most welcome respite, not forgetting the ultimate contribution of you the members that really make these ride outs what they have become...FANTASTIC.


Cheltenham & Cotswolds Advanced Motorcyclists...deliver the goods. Yes a CCAM motely crew braved the 'salty season' and low temperature to present a cheque for funds raised to the tune of £750.00, quite a remarkable achievement, and all down to the big hearts of us all...your club. WELL DONE!

Not only were we able to get a photo session in with the helicopter (good fortune for all...and the public!) but also the crew of the day made the time to give us a very comprehensive 'look see' of the aircraft and its current equipment level. A very nice hot cuppa and biscuit followed before the station went into full alert, with the aircraft taking to the skys before our very eyes...indeed an added bonus for us, but perhaps quitely wishing it was not needed at all.

A very Big thanks to Dave & Cherill Preece who organised the whole thing, and of course the members in attendance on the day to make it special. Click on each of the below to see a bigger version, click in this link to see the gallery.


C-CAM members attended the BMW model launch at Cotswold Motorrad over the weekend of 6-7 February as the first recruitment event of the year.

Our aim was to promote the group and our events at Prescott and our free rider skills morning on May 15th. There was significant interest in the group and our activities with three new members joining at the event. Thanks to all of the group members supporting the weekend and to those people who dropped in to talk to us.

The first ride out of the season, to Annie's Team room. Click on each to see a bigger version, click in this to see the gallery.


If, like me, you need to write things down or you forget them, a calendar becomes essential. For the last couple of years C-CAM has not produced a calendar (due to costs and numbers required to be printed).

HOWEVER - ALL IS NOT LOST; Midlands Air Ambulance have produced a bike related calendar (with photos from bike meets), I purchased a copy from Frasers for a very reasonable £10 (I am sure that it is also available elsewhere) - with all profits going to the Midlands Air Ambulance charity. So why not support C-CAMs charity and get yourself a copy?

[In the rear-view mirrors...]

Cheltenham & Cotswold Advanced Motorcyclists
promoting safer riding