Progress table updated. Wales Landmarks still out of bounds.

CCAM Challenge 2020


The CCAM 2020 Challenge is part of our 10 year celebration and in memory of our previous Secretary- Roland Mclellan. There is a £10 entry fee which will be donated to our charity - The Midland Air Ambulance.

The object of the competition is to take a photo of yourself and/ or your bike at various locations and submit that photo to the club via email. (see examples below)

The competition prizes and final results will be  announced at our last club night of the year but there will also be quarterly prizes for progress to date.  The locations to visit will be issued in quarterly batches starting  in January with further releases in March, June & September .

Entry to the competition will be open throughout the year so any new members can take part. For example, if you entered in April, you would be supplied with the clues for Quarter 1 and Q2.

Some locations will be straightforward and local, ideal for knocking off on an evening/midweek /weekend ride out. Perhaps they may be on an club rideout?

Others may be more cryptic and take some thought.

There will also be some special 'Gold' questions in the summer quarters with spot prizes for visiting further flung destinations. Spot prizes will also be awarded for any great  photos that impress the organisers! Be creative- use your photographic talents but photos on a mobile phone are fine. Most of the points are awarded for visiting the location.

It is unlikely that anyone will be able to visit all the landmarks - just do the ones you can and enjoy the ride to the locations you do visit.

To Enter

 Send an email to ccamchallenge@c-cam.org.uk requesting entry to the competition.

Pay the £10 entry fee to The Club Treasurer which can be via the paypal link below or in cash, cheque or bank transfer.

You will then be sent, via email, a list of locations for the quarter / year to date when they are released.

Then, get out on the bike, take a photo of the location and email the photo to ccamchallenge@c-cam.org.uk. Results will be announced at clubnights and via Jungle Drums email. Good Luck!

Please Note - By entering the competition you agree that we can use any photograph submitted to show on screen at club night or on our website or social media. Number plates will be blanked out before they are put online.

Example photos

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League Table - Top Scores 

These are the top 3 positions at the end of  Q1 including Bonus Points

Tom Hendry      98
Nick Handley       97
Alex & Claire May   96

These are the top scores as at 22nd June 
      (excluding  P2 Bonus points)  
Nick Handley       228 
Tom Hendry     223
Tim Cannock     202
Paul Dobson     199
David Wright     194 
Scott Whitty     181
Andy Chilton      178

Frank Hawkes     175 
Allister Homes    167
Richard Wright    165
Phil & Jane Neal    157
Andy Wheatstone   151
Sandy Read       146  
Lee Ingram       103
Alex & Claire May  102 
Steve Watts     86
Tony Martin      62