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Road Safety Quiz covering the Highway Code and Motorcycle Roadcraft. Completion carries a cost to the club and some members will receive an invite and access code each month if they wish to take participate.

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YOUNG RIDER - R U up 4 it?

Supported by Martin Surl - Gloucestershire Police and Crime Commissioner.

Attracting young riders to the club has always been a challenge but we seek to have a diverse membership where all ages, gender and ethnic backgrounds are welcome. (And all types of Bikes!)

We have been awarded a grant by the Gloucestershire Constabulary Police and Crime Commissioner to be used to subsidise the cost of the IAM Advanced Rider Course for younger riders. The cost of the course is normally £149 but at CCAM, for younger riders holding at least an A2 licence, we are able to offer substantial discounts.

If you are under 30, it may even be offered at no cost - subject to eligibility. Discount may be available up to age 40. This is a limited offer which is also subsidised by both IAM Roadsmart and ourselves. If you or anyone you know might be interested, please contact us at for further information.

News for 2019

Membership passes 150.

Latest - 126 Full members and 35 Associates

CCAM National Observers to support Bike Safe courses in 2019