Ccam Challenge 2020 Final Results


 Ten months, 669 images later, having raised £300 for the Midland Air Ambulance, its results time.

 The Roland Mclellan Memorial Trophy which has been kindly donated by our Chair, Andy Downs, goes to the winner of the CCAM 2020 Challenge. 

This was to be just a part of our 10 year anniversary celebrations but regrettably, any other plans we had to celebrate our anniversary went by the Covid wayside.

The Roland Mclellan Memorial Trophy


Quarter One

We started the year with a small number of Landmarks to visit for those hardy soles that wanted to brave the winter roads. Just 10 locations to visit all within an hours ride - depending on which lighthouse you chose to visit!
Six Entrants went on to visit all the sites by the closing date for the Q1 award but by the end of the competition in October, 12 entrants had visited all Q1 landmarks
. Besides local landmarks there were a couple of questions for some creativity - a picture of a lighthouse, any lighthouse and a selfie -any location.
Tom Hendry was judged to have submitted the best photos......He went to the South Coast to take his picture of his bike and the needles lighthouse on the Isle of Wight. Then  Stonehenge for his selfie.
His thunder making Harley went to Thunder Road to win his £25 Thunder Road voucher, kindly donated by Thunder Road Motorcycles. Well done Tom.
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Other Q1 Images that caught our eye

Nick's lighthouse (we were on lockdown by the time he submitted this image), Tony Tiger at Slaughterford and Cape Vincent lighthouse in Portugal from Andy Chilton! Sandy leaving Sunday Church Service.

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Quarter Two

By the time we were sending out quarter two landmarks, we were in lockdown. We had originally planned just 10 clues per quarter.
GKB (Graham Bailey) would have felt so unloved if too many members were off searching out Challenge clues
rather than follow him down the Cotswold Lanes on club ride outs.
As it looked as if Group Rides were not going to be allowed for some time, we increased the challenge clues to 20. Some were a little further away. Elan Valley and 2 Hoots cafe at  Devils Bridge produced some good images as did Sammy Millers museum. We also introduced entrants to the what3words location finding system, now used by 80% of Emergency services. 10 entrants visited all the Q2 landmarks.
Richard Wright was judged to have submitted the best set of Q2 images and again won a Thunder Road voucher kindly sponsored by RTW transport services (Paul Wellon, current club Secretary)

Other Q2 Images that caught our eye

Great Photos from Allister but he couldn't win as he didn't visit all the landmarks. What 3 words was a learning point for many. Shame we won't see that F800 again David !

Quarter Three

Still no let up on the Coronvirus and Group Rides still not happening. It looks like the only full member activity we can offer is solo visits to Challenge landmarks.  A number of entrants were also showing their competitive streak and we needed to up the stakes a little to sort out the tourers from the sunny sunday riders.....Along with 5 others, Nick Handley rose to the challenge and swiftly visited the 30 landmarks in Q3. He had just bought a new bike so had no more problems on the challenge with breakdowns, fuel and other little mishaps that plagued him earlier in the competition !!. A close decision but Nick took the prize for Q3 and another £25 Thunder Road voucher donated again by RTW Transport.
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  1. Other Great Q3 Images

One Extra Horsepower for David at Wildmoor. Thats the wrong Windmill Andy but a very pretty picture of your new bike. A wet day for Allister at The Aviator . Nice helmet Paul...better with the shades down !Sandy goes to Church again

Challenge 2020 Runner up

Tim Cannock .- Tim was a very enthusiastic entrant and if he was not sure which photos would impress - sent in both!. No extra marks ! A consistent performance throughout the challenge and rumour has it that the routes he took his Associates on took in many of these Landmarks. Rare multi tasking for a bloke so my wife tells me. . Well done Tim - Besides the spot prizes you have already won an extra runners up prize is on its way.  A canvas to go on the lounge wall - or maybe the garage!
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Spot Prizes

Besides the winners of the three quarters, the runner up prize and the trophy to the overall winner I have been awarding spot prizes for good images during the year. Many have now been delivered but I am sorry if I haven't managed to get yours to you yet. I have had around 25 images printed on mugs. If you submitted at least 10 images then a mug has been awarded and I will get it to you asap.

Ccam Challenge 2020 Overall Winners

The winners trophy to be kept for 12 months goes to Alex and Claire May. A close run but the smiles on their faces in many of the images brought a smile to ours - we could see just how much they enjoyed the challenge.
For Q1 they bought a selfie stick to help them take a good image. They even went out for a very atmospheric night time shot.
By Q3 they had acquired a drone so were able to get some very unique shots of the landmarks. To make sure they got the correct location, they even checked with the local heritage society in Blockley !

Well done Alex and Claire - you are our 2020 CCAM Challenge winners 

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To Phil and Rog  who helped me select the winners.
And Irene for helping  me find and select the best landmarks.