Competition closed

CCAM Signpost Challenge

Launching Sunday 11th September 2022

Receive a file containing photos of Signposts, selected from scenic routes around the county.

Split into 2 geographic areas .

Awards for the highest score in each area and overall.

Once you have worked out where each signpost is located, visit the signpost to find the answer to questions which you will also be sent.

Every entrant will receive a souvenir for entering.

Just email to enter.

Example - Once you have identified the possible locations for this signpost - visit it - then answer the question, what is located in F3 - Perhaps the answer might be on the notice board in the background?

Signpost Challenge Results and Prizes

Only one entrant submitted answers to all three areas congratulations and well done to Alex May. Alex gets to hold on to the Roland Mclellan Memorial Trophy that he was originally awarded for winning the 2020 CCAM Challenge. Who is going to take this trophy off him at our next competition?

Other prizes go to Allister Homes and Phil Richardson who were the first to submit answers to 2 areas. Small parcels will be coming your way!

As promised, everyone who submitted answers will be sent a CCAM memento so wait and see what falls on your door mat, hopefully before Christmas.