Winter Wandering 23/24

Want an excuse to get out on the bike? Then take on the Cheltenham & Cotswold Advanced Motorcyclists Winter Wandering Challenge.

Wintertime means fewer organised rides and you have to grab any chance you can when the weather is fine to enjoy an hour or two on your bike. But where to go? 

Why not enter the CCAM Winter Wandering Challenge. Each month we will post 3 challenges for you to complete.

Each waypoint will be close to a Cafe / Hostelry so you can get a nice cuppa....or even a cake !

Along the way we want to raise a little money for charity so there is a small entry fee, but we have some great prizes to award. A wardrobe full of smart CCAM regalia to give away !

To enter just go to our Members Area and make a £10 payment to us via the paypal link. Confirm you have entered by email to

Once you have answered a question, email your answer to

Note - We may use any images you send us on our website or Facebook page

November Challenge

1) ///What/tahW/What...............................///roadshow.stcaxe.straddled.....................Whats the closure date ?

2) Recreate this image featuring your bike.

3) A1  0927    0927 A2     04 ??          (If you can't see it you shouldn't be riding the bike !!)

December Challenge

On 65A   How long will it take to get to The Bell Inn from here, by Bus?

The sum of the numbers under the blue spots.

Give me the year the boat was launched?

January Challenge

  No2     Ley   ????   Farm


What Colour is the Bank?

February Challenge

51.714847, -2.115275   ( Note. decimal point)
In the Bee House, what  3 sorts of Cheddar do they enjoy?

51°51'28.5"N 2°01'51.3"W     (Note. Degrees and Minutes)
Why might you not want to order Pigeon in the Cafe?

51.861543, -2.221585  ( Note. decimal point)
(only open Fri, Sat, Sun)
 If Oily Rag = 9

Then below = ?

March Challenge 

1) From the junction on the B4696 you could travel East to visit the Church of God. But if you went in the opposite direction, what is the beauty spot (or blemish) 

Another Church of God

That's Chosen Hill due north of this Road. Very close by is another Church of God. Descending  the steep hill 1/6 pray to the 3 Saints that your brakes work. Then enjoy a cuppa in the monastery tea shop. Name the Saints.

More Saintly questions

Which Saint allows us to park here?     Who tolls the Bell?
Name the King ?         Who Partners the Wise?